Request for information or viewing

The available information on sites for sale is often limited. The reason for this is that the identity of the company concerned cannot be revealed. The sale of a camp-site or hotel is often done with great discretion.

From experience it is often found that the value of foregoing information is very limited, because the 'atmosphere' of a place is defined on the spot; the feeling that you get from a visit to a location is decisive, and that is exactly one aspect that cannot be communicated with photos and descriptions. The best way to get an impression of the possibilities is to visit sites in France.

You will understand that we cannot publish names and addresses of sites on offer on our website. Apart from the fact that brokers do not wish to stimulate a direct contact between owner and perspective buyer, it is also important that the French owner does not receive unannounced or anonymous visits. On the other hand the French are very hospitable and will happily make time to show you round their company, but would prefer to make an appointment beforehand for that.

You can make an appointment by contacting us per e-mail. Should you wish for more information concerning the exact location of a site you can obtain that by filling in and signing a declaration of discretion, after receipt of this document we can in some case give more detailed addresses.

Welcome to France!